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An Empress and the Warriors /จอมใจ บัลลังก์เลือด (Blu-ray) (Donnie Yen)

Format: Blu-ray
UPC: 8859125402518
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  • Release Date : 14/03/2015
  • Genres : Action, Asia, Chinese, Drama, Romance, War
  • Aspect Ratio : 1080p Full HD 2.35:1
  • Language : Chinese DTS HD MA 7.1, Thai DTS HD MA 7.1
  • Subtitles : Chinese, English, Thai
  • Number of discs : 1
  • Package : Blu-ray
  • Rated : R
  • Credits Trailer
    • Actors : Kelly Chen, Leon Lai, Donnie Yen, Kou Zhen Hai, Guo Xiao Dong, Yee Chung Man
    • Directors : Ching Siu Tung
    • Studio : Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Company, BIG Pictures, United Filmmakers Organization (UFO)
    • Run Time : 95 mins
    • Synopsis :
      The story is set in ancient China before its unification, during which countless kingdoms battle for supremacy. Yen Feier (Kelly Chen) is thrust onto the throne when her father is killed in battle. Feier and her loyal Muyong Xuehu (Donnie Yen) unite to defend the kingdom. But her ambitious cousin Wu Ba (Guo Xiao-dong) sends assassins to kill her. A mysterious man Duan Lan-Quan (Leon Lai) saves her. Feier falls in love with Duan who offers her another life. With the fate of their kingdom in the balance, Feier must choose between her duty and her dreams.

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